Next up in the Black Speculative Fiction Author Interviews will feature Mia Mitns! Before I start with the interview, I want to point you guys to her Amazon Page so you can gush over her beautiful book covers.

Speculative Fiction is an umbrella term for Science fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, et al. What is your genre of choice and why?

I don’t have a favorite because I like the differences in genres. I like seeing what could be from the imagination in science fiction, or brand new/altered worlds, various creatures, and wish list abilities from fantasy. I like how horror draws me into the unknown. I also like to see them merged. Science Fiction Fantasy, the horrors of science fiction, etc.

Which author inspired you the most to write your own stories? Why?

Well, my first stories that I wrote were the much shorter type in the form of poems and songs, so a variety of lyricists and Maya Angelo and Nikki Giovanni inspired me to write. I liked that their works had a lot of emotion and power behind what they were saying. Some were uplifting, and they influenced me to express what I was feeling. The lyricists helped with expression and by telling stories about an/their emotion(s) or situations. If they were also a singer or instrumentalist, I loved to hear them express the story through their voice or the notes/music that came from their instruments.

As a reader, what would you like to see more of from black speculative fiction authors?

This doesn’t really have to do with the type of story, but an easier way to find all of them online. (category for them on retail sites please) Or maybe we should collectively make up a key word (one that’s not in use from any language) and tag all of our works and websites with it.

Do you think we need a black speculative fiction month? Why or why not?

I think it’s great to have one to recognize that there are many black speculative fiction works out there. It can also help people find out or learn more about black speculative fiction.

Author Bio

During school, Mia dreamed the idea for her first novel, Tea Leaf: What Hides Beneath. After school, she returned to writing to complete the story and found out she had more to tell. When Mia is not writing or reading, she enjoys listening to music, going to concerts, art, and trying to play guitar.

You can find more info about Mia at

Fallen + Marli & Lalo: A Fallen Mystery (Fallen Invasion Book 1)


Marli has a few problems. The first involving an alien who fell from the sky. These things hadn’t scientifically been proven to exist yet. How could she communicate with Lalo without making him upset? Fortunately for Marli, Lalo is kind. When Marli uncovers a better way to talk to Lalo, she finds out he has a problem— he can’t remember why he is on Earth. Lalo only knows he needs to protect Marli.



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