Next up in the Black Speculative Fiction Author Interviews will feature Marcus Hayes!

Speculative Fiction is an umbrella term for Science fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, et al. What is your genre of choice and why?

My genre of choice will always be Fantasy. I love the idea of being able to join characters on an epic adventure and see how people create their own unique worlds.

Which author inspired you the most to write your own stories? Why?

To be honest I was inspired to write my own stories because of TV. I grew up watching superheroes, anime, and action cartoons so that played big part in me wanting to create my own world(s). But the actual author who probably inspired me the most in those early years was K.A. Applegate of the Animorphs series.

As a reader, what would you like to see more of from black speculative fiction authors?

Personally I would like to see more authors who aren’t afraid to play with characters. I love to see complex and distinct characters, so the more authors start to play with character archetypes and stereotypes to create ones that represent ALL of the Black community the happier I’ll be.

Do you think we need a black speculative fiction month? Why or why not?

 We need Black Speculative Fiction Month just as much as we need Black History Month, Black Pride, HBCUs, and so on. Day in and day out the world constantly diminishes our accomplishments and it becomes harder and harder to see our success in our everyday lives. We need these months and shows of pride to affirm, inspire, and promote ourselves and our work.

Do you remember the first time you encountered your first black character in a work of speculative fiction? How old were you? How did it affect you?

I was in college when I was put in contact with Geoff Thorne, who is a novelist and comic book writer who went to high school with my Dad, and they’re still friends online. It was extremely cool to see another black author/nerd doing his thing and making a living out of the fine arts. I still look up to him to this day.

Author Bio

Scholar and author Marcus Haynes believes strongly in the transformative power of literature. With English degrees from Alcorn State University and University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and a degree-in-progress at Clark Atlanta University his scholarship and creative writing have led him to the Black Speculative Arts, a field dedicated to changing narratives through speculation. He is also the author of the Elemental series: novels designed to change how people of color are perceived in fantasy works. Through his writing and his teaching he hopes that he can revolutionize how the world, our youth in general, view Blackness.

You can find more info about Marcus at

Legend of the Orange Scepter

What would you do if you had the power to control the elements? Teenagers De, M, Rod, and Mo already have an answer to that question: save the world. When the evil android A.G. begins her takeover of the planet Colorius they, along with the engineering prodigy Don, take it upon themselves to bring down A.G. and her army of androids before it’s too late. Their journey takes them all over their home of Redd Continent and pits them against several different foes as well as each other, but only by banding together can they truly earn the title of Elemental heroes. Can they do it? Or will the Age of Redd end with them?. <<Legend of the Orange Scepter>>

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