Immediately, after reading Daughter of Gods and Shadows by Jayde Brooks, I was like where is the second book and then I was like filled with questions and I wanted more. So inspired by the Post “Reader Meet Author” and Madhuri I contacted Jayde through Facebook and asked her if I could interview her, and she said YES! ::Squee::
First, I loved the first book! Please tell me the second book is coming soon.
Jayde: I’m so glad that you enjoyed it.  Daughter of Gods and Shadows was a tough book to write and can be tough to follow, but it’s a really good and unique story and I loved writing it.  There are three books slated for this series.  The second book, City of Dark Creatures, is scheduled for release November 17, 2015.
What characters will be returning?
Jayde: Pretty much all of them, with a few new editions.  The next book is much more streamlined, unlike Daughters of Gods and Shadows which includes a lot of the back story.  Two years have passed between the first book and the second one, though, and it was interesting to see the changes that have taken place, especially with Eden.
There were so many awesome and original characters in your book, but if I was forced to choose I’d have to say Andromeda and Kifo the Djinn were my favorites. What inspired you to create them? 
Jayde: All of these characters evolved over so long a period of time that I honestly can’t remember what inspired them.  But these are two of my favorite characters as well.  I tried to make all of the characters multidimensional and complex. Kifo and Andromeda were two of the most fun to write because I’ve never read any other characters like them before. 
What books and authors influenced Daughter of Gods and Shadows? How did you research the novel?
 Actually Daughter of Gods and Shadows wasn’t influenced by any book that I had ever read before.  All I knew when I started writing it was that I wanted to write and read a story about a black girl who had to save the world.  Four years and six rewrites later, I received the green light from my editor that I was out of time and that we were going to go ahead and release the book.
In doing research, I was watching a documentary one night on how the Earth and its moon were formed (theorized by scientists) and in the documentary, they spoke of a planet called “Theia” that fell out of orbit, scraped against the Earth and knocked loose the debris that flew out into space and created our moon.  I loved that and used the premise for my book.  Most of the other things in the book were mostly made up, but I did research some things like Eden’s Kpinga weapon, and Prophet’s house in Vermont, which I found on a real estate site online.
Have you written any other books?
 I’ve just started working on the third and final installment of the DGS series.  And after that, I’ll be starting a brand new series that still doesn’t have a title yet. 
I’ve also been writing mainstream fiction for more than a decade under a different name.  Currently, I have 12 novels under my belt and several short stories/novella contributions as well.  Daughters of Gods and Shadows is my first attempt at writing fantasy.  I was surprised by how challenging and difficult world building actually ended up being.  Writing fantasy is so very different from writing fact-based fiction and it challenged me in ways I hadn’t expected, but in a good way.
Where can we find you on the internet?
Twitter – jayde_brooks

As I mentioned, I loved this book so much that I wanted to share the love. So if you haven’t signed up for the Daughter of Gods and Shadows giveaway, now is the time! 

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