Argh!  Passive
My critique
partner has been complaining critiquing me about my pacing. 
I go too fast and I don’t have enough description.  I’m a plot person who has always skimmed over
the details in a book.  I have always,
always considered the details the boring part. 
So I’m trying to figure out how the authors on my master list have worked in
their details. 
OhEmGee.   After years
of reading How To Write blog posts and articles, I’ve learned that most of the
rules like: don’t use passive voice, don’t use ‘I thought’ and show don’t tell-are bull crap.  The authors on my master list do those things.   I’ve been having those rules in the back of
my head when I write and they’ve been impeding me.  And they are my favorite authors. And They
are good authors.
I guess it’s better to be aware of the rules… but those rules can and are
definitely being broken.
Maybe those rules are the difference between being a good writer and a great writer, but first you gotta be a good writer and get shit done.  I’ll never be a good writer if I’m sitting around for hours trying to reword “He was excited” into four sentences.
And no I’m not giving myself permission to be lazy, but I am giving myself permission to worry less about the rules.

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