2016 will be my year of getting (back) into shape physically and financially. Well I can’t possibly get into shape without some form of wearable technology. So I begged and pleaded for an Apple watch for Christmas. Miraculously an Apple watch dropped from the heavens on Black Friday via Target with a $100 off gift card.

“What if Santa spent all that money on that watch and you don’t even use it?” my daughter asked. “Well, I can just wear it as a watch,” I answered.

She had a point, though. The watch may eventually go the way of Wii Fit, used for a month and then put away in storage. But so far, I don’t feel like the Apple Watch is a fad.

My review


-I have a black 38mm Sport. It looks like a regular watch. It’s not too fancy. It actually reminds me of a simple Casio watch that was popular when I was a kid.

-I was tempted to get the 42mm, but 38 mm turned out to be the perfect size for my small wrist. From the picture, it looks almost too big.




-It has a get up and move reminder that beeps ten minutes before the hour if it notices you haven’t moved from your seat. I might get bored with it later, but for now, it’s helpful. I hope I can stick with it.

-You can answer and make phone calls.

-Siri works perfectly on the watch! So I can set reminders, alarms, add things to my shopping list all with the flick of my wrist and the push of a button. It truly makes me feel like I’m living in a science fiction movie. I’m ready for my self-driving car now, please.

-It’ll ping my phone if I can’t find it.  I’ve used this so many times over the past two weeks.  I need this option for my keys.

-Now for the creme de la cream, the reason why I forked over the money even though I’m complaining about having a low savings account: The Activity App


And Its the bomb dot com!

I no longer have to hold my phone in my hand when I run. Because, you know, I’m wearing a watch that tracks my distance and it has a heart rate monitor! Gasp! Double gasp! So now I know exactly how many calories I burn and how far I’ve gone.

It negates the Nike Running app, which makes me a little sad because the Nike Running app is really pretty.

It links easily with Myfitnesspal. So when I exercise (running or strength training) using the app, I don’t have to enter my calories burned, it syncs automatically. Yeah!

When I’m strength training, I use the “other” option that simply tracks my heart rate and then counts the calories. So this can also be used for Yoga or Zumba or cleaning house.



-It’s not a magic watch. That is, it is not a smartphone that attaches to your wrist. Its use is limited, but very functional.

-It uses a different charger than my iPhone 5. Grrr… which means I got to keep track of two different chargers. (but it does charge by simply placing it on the charger. You don’t have to plug it into the device.  It’s  like magic or something, or science.)


Do I regret the purchase? No, the watch does exactly what I wanted: makes getting back into shape a little easier.


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