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According to last year’s post, I made $20 and spent $1,888 on my fledgling business. This year I made $198 and spent $3,761 if I don’t count conferences. If you I do count conferences and random classed I spent $5,000. Those are sad pitiful  numbers.  I’ve been mopey over the past few weeks, looking at these numbers, thinking that maybe I need to manage my expectations. Maybe writing is just a hobby and I need to spend accordingly.

Or maybe I need to consider alternate revenue funds like…

        1. Monetizing the blog (by posting regularly and making sure every post has some link to a product that I’m selling.) btw, buy my book
        2. Set up a Patreon site. I’m not in love with this idea.
        3. Add a donation button–Done!!! It’s on the right side of my website. —>
        4. Write a non-fiction ebook. –hmmm
        5. Write a romance. –hmm maybe.

Ultimately, I have to remember that I’m growing a business, and the process is a marathon not a sprint. Nowhere have I read that being a writer would make me a millionaire. I just hoped it would. Originally, I was just trying to reach $2,400 a month because that is how much money I need to make for basic needs (minus mortgage and student loans). But scratch that. I want more. I want to make six figures at the end of five years because that is how much my time is worth.


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