Title: Maybe Baby & Maybe Tonight
Author Name: Kim Golden
ISBN: 9789198174601/9789198174618
Publisher: Echo Books-Stockholm

Formats Available: Ebook &

Paperback/ebook only for Maybe Tonight

Genre:IR/MC Women’s


Release Date: March 2014

As many of my readers know, I heart traveling.  Up until a year ago, it was my hobby, but after traveling to every place on my bucket list (except Australia), I decided to make a living debt free the next priority. Now all I do is dream.  I dream about living overseas, so I’m super excited to host Kim Golden. She’s living my dream by living in another country and she’s writing characters that are doing the same.  Like the protag in the Like Maybe Baby….

Random Facts About Maybe Baby & Maybe Tonight
& Mads’s affair commences in the Hotel Kong Arthur, which is my hotel of
choice when I visit Copenhagen. Great location, insanely comfortable beds, and
my husband swears they serve the world’s best gin and tonic.
has a tattoo on his arm of the date he met Laney. When Laney sees it, she
realizes just how serious he is about the possibility of a future with her.
Maybe Tonight, Mads often meets at Nørrebro Brygghus or Mikkeller &
Friends for beers. Both places actually exist and are great places to sample
Danish craft beer and people-watch.
workshop is based on a furniture making workshop I visited while in Copenhagen.
Olle, the man who owned the workshop I visited, was previously a freelance set
designer for the Royal Danish Ballet.
Laney and Mads are only children, and they both lost their mothers when they
were teenagers. Laney lost her mother to breast cancer. Mads lost his mother to
severe head injuries suffered in a traffic accident.
always told people she never wanted children. In a way, this was true. She was
afraid that her own fractured childhood would prevent her from ever being able to
be a good mother.
elsker dig

means I love you in Danish.
summerhouse in Skåne really exists. A dear friend owns it, and I go there every
summer for a few days to enjoy good company, tranquillity and the full moon.
Karcic of Cover It! Designs designed the beautiful covers for Maybe Baby and
Maybe Tonight.
10.  In Maybe Tonight,
Mads proposes to Laney but they don’t get chance to actually get married. Have
no fear—in Maybe Tomorrow, you’ll get a glimpse of their wedding.

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