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Coal: Book One of the Everleaf Series

Coal, a sixteen-year-old human, has lived most of his life in the fey realm with his elven best friend, but when a human child he promised to protect unintentionally breaks fey law in front of the fey elite, he will have to choose between betraying his best friend or saving the child’s life.

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Chaos: Short Story

Michael, a naval psychiatrist and secret telepath, has always felt like a god among men, but when a  fellow telepath and suspected deserter enters his office, he’ll have to face his fears to help her overcome her past.

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Medusa: Short Story

When a bullied high school student turns to a peculiar neighbor for help, Shemeya ends up with  bigger and much more terrifying problems.

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Black Beauty

A girl who has to choose between keeping her dreadlocs or living a normal life, a woman who will do whatever she can to have “White Girl Flow”, and a boy who thinks black girls look like cockroaches, all come crashing together when they cross paths with their mysterious neighbor.

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ph_bioConstance Burris is on a journey to take over the world through writing fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Her mission is to spread the love of speculative fiction to the masses. She is a proud card carrying blerd (black nerd), mother, and wife. When she is not writing and spending time with her family, she is working hard as an environmental engineer in Oklahoma City.


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Undercover: Season One

OhMyGosh. Stop what you’re doing… including reading this blog post and go watch Undercover. Seriously. Undercover is like a cross between  The Colony and The Cosby Show, and bits of things I’ve never seen before. Whatever– just watch it. Now I’m about to give some spoilers and take a shot at explaining the plot. The matriarch, Maya Cobbina played by Sophie Okonedo is a powerful smart inspiring, passionate lawyer. She plays the role with passion. There are plenty of Shonda Rhimes and house of Cards monologs, but it never felt overdone. The writing  is EXCELLENT! And then you have her husband. Dude is perfect. He stays home with the kids while the woman makes the bacon. This is my situation at the moment so it resonated with me. It’s crazy your feeling for this family your feeling for this kids and then like Colony we discover one isn’t being honest with the other. but the betrayal in Undercover is soo much worse and dramatic than COLONY. My  husband doesn’t usually binge watch tv with me. But the hubby stayed the entire time and watched Undercover. It helped that it was only six episodes. Anyways, the show is definitely worth...

Keepin It 100

As in I finally hit a hundred reviews on Goodreads! I don’t make nearly enough money to cover the expenses of self-publishing. But reviews make it all worth it. Yes, the good reviews make me feel super great, but the bad ones give me legitimacy. So even the bad ones count.. And as much as I love Goodreads, I need Amazon reviews also because that is where most people buy their books. Speaking of reviews, if you’ve read Coal and haven’t left a review, get to it, and then send me the link so you can start reading Chalcedony. If you liked Coal, you will love Chalcedony. And even if you didn’t like Coal you will still love Chalcedony. Yes, it is that good. Want a chance to win all Three Books of theEverleaf Series (Book #0-#2)? If so, I’m hosting a Goodreads giveaway….. Goodreads Book Giveaway Everleaf Series Box Set by Constance Burris Giveaway ends May 31, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway  ...

Book Signing Tomorrow

I’m late posting this.. ugh. Tomorrow I’ll be at Hastings in Norman, Oklahoma from 6 to 8 PM. It’ll be me and a good selection of black authors around metro OKC. I have three (maybe four) proof copies of Chalcedony available. So first come first served. The official copies are on order but won’t be here in time for the book signing. 🙁 Hastings 2300 W. Main Sp. 1105-c Norman, Oklahoma 73069 Phone: (405) 329-5529 Map & Directions   Website PS. Come say hi so that I’m not sitting there lonely! Plus, I’ll have candy. PSS. If you can’t make because you know you live in another state, you can buy your copies here:


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